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You Can Count On Reva!


Reva Meeting With Citizens She Loves


Reva Loves All Citizens

Reva Trammell has dedicated decades of service to the citizens of Richmond, in particular the citizens of Richmond's 8th district. She loves all citizens and does her best every day to meet their needs whether it's crime prevention assistance, help with sidewalks, streets, trash collection, or any other city service.



Chairperson of Public Safety

Reva has chaired City Council's Public Safety Committee and has been a strong advocate for citizens, ensuring that they receive maximum attention and protection by Richmond's finest, in an effort to keep Richmond's crime rate as low as possible. She has continuously advocated fully funding Richmond Police while making sure that they have the equipment and funding to support Richmond's 700+ complement of uniformed officers. Reva will be actively involved in decisions on a possible Police Review Board, and changes which may occur to Police funding.

Advocate for Schools

Reva has been a strong advocate for schools and has been a strong proponent for school improvements and the building of new schools, including Broad Rock Elementary and Blackwell Elementary. She also secured funding for the Hickory Hill playground at approximately $1 million, improvements for the T. B. Smith Community Center on Ruffin Road, $350,000 for the Blackwell playground, and $150,000 for the Oak Grove playground.

Promotes Real Estate Development

Reva Trammell has supported $ tens of millions in real estate development in the 8th District, including Port City 150 apartments – Jeff Davis, Port of Richmond Improvements, Amazon Warehouse - Commerce Road, Site Works - Clopton Street, Caritas Healing Place For Women - Stockton Street, Model Tobacco Apartments, and 37 affordable new homes - Walmsley Blvd. and Hey Road. All of these projects create high amounts of city real estate tax revenue, thus lowering the tax burden for citizens by $ millions, while increasing much needed jobs.

Promotes Jobs For 8th District Citizens

Reva has promoted increased job opportunities for 8th district citizens including jobs at the Port of Richmond,and many other employers. For Reva, the creation of new jobs is a top priority.

Here's a sample of some jobs created:

Port of Richmond, 50 jobs
Caritas, 80 jobs
Amazon, 150 jobs
Site Works, 100 jobs
And many more…

Christmas Food Assistance

Reva has coordinated a massive program supplying free food boxes to many hundreds of 8th district citizens in need each Christmas for the past 15 years.   Reva tries to help the neediest citizens and is proud of her success in assisting especially the poorest of the poor.. Thousands of citizens have been helped so far.

$ Millions In Street Paving, Sidewalks, and Drainage Improvements In The 8th District

Reva has overseen $ millions in improvements with street paving including Walmsley Blvd, parts of Cullenwood, Davee Gardens, Brookbury, Blackwell, and Oak Grove, and many more, with more coming. Many new sidewalks, and drainage improvements have been installed all over the 8th district and more are needed.  We've accomplished a lot, and there is always more to do, and Reva pledges to continue helping our citizens secure those improvements!

Hard to Beat Experience

There is no substitute for experience.  Having served 18 years on Richmond City Council, Reva Trammell is the best prepared person to take on the challenges of the City of Richmond, and the needs of all citizens.

Experience counts!

Successful Fighting Against Tax and Utility Rate Increases

Fighting tax and utility rate increases has been a consistent effort by Reva. It is something she is known for. She has fought to reduce real estate taxes and utility rate increases proposed by Mayor Dwight Jones, and more recently a very large and unfair real estate tax proposed in 2019 by Mayor Stoney. Working with her colleagues, Reva was successful in completely stopping Mayor Stoney's 2019 real estate tax increase!  Keep in mind, that Mayor Stoney has already stated that if he is reelected, he intends yet another massive real estate tax increase. No Councilperson in Richmond is a more reliable advocate for low taxes and a real friend of taxpayers! Never forget, that she helped save Richmond From the financial losses of Navy Hill.

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2709 Haden Ave. Richmond, Va. 23234
Authorized and paid for by Reva Trammell For City Council